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Our Services

Cryptocurrency Tax Advisory & Consulting

We will answer all the tax related questions you have regarding your crypto activities. Even if your situation is very complicated, we will research and do everything we can to get the answer for you!

Cryptocurrency IRS Audit Defense Program

We provide IRS audit defense services for taxpayers involving in cryptocurrency activities. We represent our clients in dealing with IRS audit, and we also provide assistance to tax practitioners in handling IRS audit for their clients.

Cryptocurrency Tax Accounting & Compliance

We help clients handle cryptocurrency tax compliance matters such as basis tracking. gain/loss calculation etc. We utilize effective tools for tracking and calculating large amount of cryptocurrency transactions.

Coaching/Advisory Program for Tax Professionals

We provide coaching, advice, and training to tax practitioners who have clients with crypto activities but themselves are not familiar with cryptocurrency and the related tax treatments.

Tax Return Review or Preparation

We can work with you or your tax return preparer to make sure your crypto activities are reported correctly on your tax return. If you need us to help prepare your tax return, we will take care of that too!

Traditional Tax Services

In addition to cryptocurrency related services, we also provide traditional tax services as we want to be your one stop shop for meeting all your tax related needs!

Our Pricing

Since cryptocurrency taxation is a brand new area and each person’s situation and needs may be different, we require each prospective client to fill out an intake form to let us know your situation so that we can prepare a customized service and fee estimate for you. If you want to discuss anything in the intake form with us or have further questions, please¬†schedule a free initial consultation call with us.¬† Some tax service providers advertise a “one size fits all” flat fee program for preparing your crypto related tax return without knowing your particular situation. That may cause you to pay a higher fee than what you actually need to, or the service provider may cut corners to meet their budget or may increase their fee after the work has started when they realize your situation is too complicated. Our customization approach is designed to make sure that you only pay for what you need and you receive the highest quality of service tailored to your situation. Please see the “WORK WITH US” page on this website for our engagement process, and sign up for our service there.

Refund Policy

Payment is required when scheduling each consultation call and no refund will be provided for “no show” or cancellation. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment to a different date/time if necessary. We ask that you respect our time and reschedule your appointment at least 24 – 48 hours before your original appointment time.
Engagements other than a one-time or occasional consultation require a signed engagement letter which will provide the scope of services and a fee estimate, and a retainer is required before the start of service. Refund policy will follow the terms and conditions in the engagement letter.