Become Our Client

Clients We Serve:

We serve clients mainly in the following two categories:

(A) Taxpayers who are involved in cryptocurrency and need help with tax compliance and/or tax planning

(B) Tax practitioners who need help serving their clients with cryptocurrency activities

Please visit our “SERVICES & PRICING” page for a list of services we provide.

Client Engagement Process:

If you are interested in working with us, please follow the following 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Schedule a 30-minute or 60-minute consultation call and fill out the intake form that is required when scheduling the call. Please note that the more details you provide to us, the better we can assess your situation and the less time it will take for us to do information intake during our call. That will leave you more time for the actual consultation.

Step 2: You can ask any questions you want during the consultation call. Based on the information you provided on the intake form and during our call, if you decide to work with us going forward, we will either give you a fixed fee quote over the phone or if your case is somewhat complicated, we will propose a service package with a fee range estimate.

Step 3: If you decide to work with us, you will get a full credit for the fee you paid for the consultation call. In other words, the call will be free. If you decide not to work with us or if you don’t need any further assistance from us, there is no refund for the fee you paid for the consultation call.

Step 4: If you decide to wok with us on your crypto tax return, you need to electronically sign an engagement letter and pay a retainer fee which is usually 50% of the total service fee. This process needs to be completed before we can start providing services to you.

Note: we decided not to offer free initial consultation call anymore because we got a high volume of such calls and many people used the call to ask questions to get advice while they had no intention of building a long term relationship. It not only wasted our time, it also limited the opportunity for other people who truly need our help to schedule a call with us.

Tax Consultation Call

Please use the scheduling tool in the “Schedule An Appointment” section to schedule the tax consultation call.  Payment is required when scheduling the call. No refund is available for cancellation. However, if you decide to work with us and become our client, we will credit the consultation call fee to your account, that means the call becomes free!

$185 per 30 minutes

$350 per 60 minutes